Coyote Shook Comics

Coyote Shook is a cartoonist and PhD student in American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin where they use comics to examine intersections of critical disability studies and the environment. Their creative work seeks to use speculative nonfiction as a crip storytelling method. They received their MA in Gender Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and their MS in Education at Fordham University.


Magazines and Literary Journals :

Oil and Ice, Superstition Review, 2023
Night Walk in Nantucket, Opt West, 2023
Bitterroot: Visions of the Martyr Saint Lawrence, Kenyon Review,  2023
Massachusetts,  EcoTheo, 2023
An Illustrated Guide to Demons of the Appalachian South,  Northwest Review, 2023
The Shepherds' Crusade, Evergreen Review, 2022
The Young Harris  Psalter, SplitLip Magazine, 2022
14 Holy Helpers, Salt Hill, 2022
The  Gospel According to Sister Wendy , Moon City Review,  2022
Five Variations on the Texas Right to Life  Heartbeat Act Anonymous Tip Line, Hunger Mountain Review,  2022
What Trees Mean to America,  The Portland Review, 2022
Deadwood,  Speculative Nonfiction, 2022
The Daemon Lover, The Sonora Review, 2022
Loretto, The Maine Review, 2022
Tamar Mepe: a Folk Comic, The Tampa Review, 2022
Middah  K'neged Middah,  LandLocked,  2022
Louisiana,  or Sylvia  in the Marsh,  beestung, 2022
New Bedford, Roanoke Review, 2022
A Knife Just Like My Grandfather's, Vox, 2021
Via Dolorosa: an Autoethnography of Townes Van Zandt, Tupelo Quarterly Review, 2021
The Gospel According to Opal Foxx,  Shenandoah, 2021
Where Have You Gone, Mrs. Duvall?  Beaver Magazine, 2021
DeSmet, Michigan Quarterly Review Mixtape
North Dakota, Santa Fe Writers Project Quarterly, 2021
Pikuach Nefesh, Camas Magazine, 2021
Vinegar Pie; Sissies and Girls, Honey Literary, 2021
California, San Antonio Review, 2021
Time to Rest: Rethinking Disability and Research, The Ransom Center Magazine, 2021
Emily in the Tropics, The Puritan, 2021
Baked Alaska, North Dakota Quarterly, 2021
Flu in the Arctic, Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, 2020

Coyote the Beautiful, The Florida Review, 2021 (Winner of the 2020 Jeanne Leiby Chapbook Contest)

Teaching and Guest Speaking

Email me at for guest lectures. For the time being, all guest lectures and classes will take place via Zoom. 

I have experience teaching comic-making to children ages PreK-12, college, and adult audiences in K-12 schools, universities, Jewish community centers, and museums. I've also guest lectured on comics and disability studies and art and environmental studies. 

Lecture costs operate on a sliding scale, with the most flexibility offered to public educators and nonprofits. 

Prints for Sale:

Art should be accessible for everyone. Prints and card decks are available on a sliding scale if cost is prohibitive.

To buy a print, Venmo me @CoyoteShook and include the title of the print in the description! 

Ships within 1 week through USPS on archival matte paper (5x7).

Salome with Beheaded Lover

Shaker Apple Cider

St. Anastasia of Sirmium

St. Lucy of Helen, Georgia


St. Christina the Magnificent

St. Bernadette in Coal Country

Dakota Rose

St. Ailbe with Wolves

St. Seraphim of Sarov with Radioactive Bear



Interested in a commission? Reach out to me at with a description of your idea and price range!